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Consulting brings together the right people at exactly the right time – to provide you the right results in your business negotiations.

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Negotiation Consultancy, Strategy and Planning

Negotiation Consulting

As a niche practice, we concentrate solely on the practical application of negotiation strategies - in every sector of business, providing a world-class negotiation consultancy services across a wide range of industry sectors, across the Globe

From diagnostics and strategy development, to project management and negotiation execution, our suite of services enables our clients to create and execute highly effective strategies for all commercial negotiations.

Unrivalled negotiation expertise

Our negotiation consultants have a minimum of 15 years' real-world commercial experience. As acknowledged experts in the field of negotiation, we have developed a highly structured planning approach combined with a range of strategic advisory tools, resulting in a powerful combination of skills, knowledge and expertise.

Sustainable change

We understand that while organisations want to deliver a specific impact over a defined timescale, they often want this to be the trigger for a long-term cultural change. That's why, whatever the project, we always look to the long-term impact, internally as well as externally, to deliver change within the organisation on an on-going and long-standing basis.

Strengthened relationships

The strength of your business relations will often have a significant impact on your success. Our negotiation Consultants recognise and understand the strategic and tactical importance of client and supplier relationships, as well as internal alignment.

From scoping and research, through to planning and execution, we will work with you to define the relationships you want with your business partners, and develop an appropriate strategy to achieve value generation and business partnership.

Diagnostic Service

An assessment of your organisation’s commercial landscape. The diagnostic provides statistics, analytics, and a full evaluation of your negotiation needs.


'The benefit of this approach is that we can bring the whole team together in one room and guided by an experienced expert, work out a solution using Gap’s Tools.’

Negotiation power


92% of Consulting clients discover they have more negotiating power than they initially perceived.