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In the last five years, we have provided commercial solutions which have generated £2.37 billion of cost efficiencies for our clients

Diagnostic Assessment

The Gap Partnership

Our Diagnostic Assessment provides clients with a comprehensive appraisal of the opportunities to generate commercial value. The focus of the diagnostic is on the return on investment and cost/benefit analysis that results from the Consulting Diagnostic Report recommendations and business cases.

A five-phase approach

While each diagnostic assessment is bespoke, we will underpin our assessment and recommendations by using a five-phase process.

Phase 1: Diagnostic assessment and scoping

Identify value improvement opportunity through internal and external research analytics and benchmark comparison.

Phase 2: Value measure and business case

Quantify value opportunity and evaluate cost/ benefit and ROI.

Phase 3: Programme design

Prioritise projects and initiatives; define tools, scope and resource; establish timelines.

Phase 4: Implement and execute

Execute implementation plan; develop skills capability; and update process, tools and methodology.

Phase 5: Review and ROI

Determine outputs against forecast/targets, assess KPIs and analyse cost/benefit and ROI.

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