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Consulting brings together the right people at exactly the right time – to provide you the right results in your business negotiations.


The Gap Partnership

Within The Gap Partnership, Consulting (Consulting & Advisory Services) is a core service provided to local, national and multinational clients. We operate primarily in four global hubs: UK, Germany, America and Hong Kong.

Consulting has a proven track record demonstrating success in adding significantly onto clients' EBITDA. We have accomplished numerous successful large-scale projects for many blue chip organisations and have extensive experience of delivering results as part of a revenue sharing partnership.

We understand the strategies, tactics and psychology associated with pricing and trading terms in commercial negotiation. We design, execute and evaluate a range of strategies to maximise outcomes and use extensive knowledge of trading dynamics and the marketplace in determining the most appropriate strategy.

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Diagnostic Assessment

An assessment of your organisation’s commercial landscape. The diagnostic provides statistics, analytics, and a full evaluation of your negotiation needs.