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Diagnostic Service

An assessment of your organisation’s commercial landscape. The diagnostic provides statistics, analytics, qualitative and quantitative feedback, and a full evaluation of your negotiation needs.

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We have found The Gap Partnership consultants to be genuinely inspirational business leaders, each bring creativity, passion and insight into the negotiation process. - Sales Director

Negotiation Methodology

In terms of executing strategy and generating maximum value, the success of any negotiation relies on three key elements:

  • Effective and well defined planning and process
  • Clear strategy and escalation
  • Stakeholder alignment

Why negotiations fail

A lack of appropriate planning, process or project management will inevitably have a detrimental effect on any aspect of the negotiation. For example:

  • Timeframes can move and deadlines will not be met, resulting in value reduction.
  • If no strategy, negotiators will be unaware of the commercial variables, the best approach to maximise the deal, the strategic options, or the triggers.
  • Without pre-determined parameters and an escalation or decision-making plan, negotiations can lose impetus, be delayed and potentially conclude with unauthorised concessions.

Consultancy Model:

We operate a five-stage consultancy model:

Scoping - research, analysis, recommendation, skills analysis.

Strategy - strategy development, tactical plans, segmentation, communications planning, pre-conditioning, risk analysis & mitigation.

Tactical - tactical plans, potential problem analysis, triggers, coaching, phase flow.

Execution - advisor service and negotiation execution.

Completion - review, assessment, ROI, cost/benefit analysis, recommendations, best practice.

Project management

Effective management of the implementation (or execution) phase is core to generating the maximum value of any negotiation. A lack of management at this stage will result in time delays, reduced value gain, project slip and potential relationship management damage.

Identifying elements at risk

For negotiations to be a success, it is necessary to identify the key elements at risk. These include everything from commercial variables, un-authorised concessions and contractual compliance, to brand position, supplier relations and timeframes.

There are also a number of specific risks to consider, in terms of management alignment and commitment, as well as the skillset and execution team's capability to deliver maximum value - without training and coaching, there is the risk of early concession trading, not maximising value, and damage to the relationship.

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