Nothing but negotiation


Getting inside the other person's head

Experience and research confirms that it is only by getting inside the other person's head that we can hope to negotiate effectively.

Negotiation Services

The Gap Partnership

We enable our clients to meet key objectives and targets, by developing the most effective strategy and comprehensive tactical plans. Not only that, we can also engage in the execution of the negotiation, providing coaching, mentoring or delivery.

Our services span four key areas:

1. Research

  • Diagnostic assessment
  • Scoping & data analytics
  • Business case generation

2. Development

  • Strategy development
  • Tactical development
  • Skills development - coaching and mentoring

3. Delivery

  • Programme and project management
  • Risk and change management
  • Communications planning
  • Negotiation execution

4. Completion

  • Detailed review, benchmarking and evaluation
  • Objective performance measure
  • Qualitative and quantitative ROI and cost/benefit analysis
  • Stakeholder report, presentation and recommendations


Core commercial projects

While we often consult on an extremely diverse range of assignments, our core commercial projects and commissions include:

  • Price increase and cost price decrease projects/ initiatives
  • Trade terms, payment and settlement terms initiatives
  • Joint Business Planning
  • Merger & Acquisitions
  • Tender preparation - RFP planning
  • Licencing agreement reviews
  • Negotiation skills analysis / assessment

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Cost efficiencies


Our planning and advisory services have delivered £2.8bn in cost efficiencies

Negotiation power


92% of Consulting clients discover they have more negotiating power than they initially perceived.