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Introducing GapTools: Your Essential Negotiation Toolkit

GapTools is The Gap Partnership's set of advanced online negotiation planning tools, designed to support strategic negotiation planning and tactical preparation. These concise and impactful tools provide you with the opportunity to plan negotiations online with other colleagues and remote groups from within your business, build strategies, map planned trade-offs and record proposals in real time. The tools allow you to view and track negotiations globally and they therefore enable corporate governance over the commercial deals.

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GapTools is made up of two suites: Tactical Tools and Strategic Tools.

In Tactical Tools, you can identify the negotiation variables at play, define Gives and Takes, plan your moves, then during your negotiations keep a live record of the offers as they develop.

In Strategic Tools, groups can align on scope and objectives and decide upon an approach. The tools will help you to define the appropriate strategy and map out contingencies, calculating the balance of power, assessing potential problems and predicting the level of risk.

The latest version of GapTools brings a host of new features including:

  • Share your plans with colleagues to build common strategies
  • Planning on the move - GapTools is tablet enabled
  • Never lose your work with auto saving throughout
  • Tutorial tips make using GapTools more intuitive than ever

You can see GapTools in action by viewing the video below:


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