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Adding an emotional facet to business negotiations can improve outcome

Business negotiations with an emotional dimension can often be more successful

30 September 2010

That business negotiations cannot be forced will not be news to most in the industry, but most will not have questioned the effectiveness of rational argument before.

That is the central tenet of a new tome by former business reporter Stuart Diamond, who now teaches negotiation skills at the Wharton Business School, as well as advising major international companies.

He argues that force will never win a negotiation but suggests that rational arguments do not work either, according to the Irish Independent.

Elaborating on the author's world view, the newspaper stated: "The successful negotiator depends on getting people to look at the world and feel the world in the same way that she does."

"Diamond believes a negotiation that considers feelings is much broader than one that just considers interests, and includes all needs from the reasonable to the crazy."

Mr Diamond also suggests that negotiators start meetings by questioning exactly what it is they and the other participants hope to get out of the talks.

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