Nothing but negotiation


Video Series

The Nothing but Negotiation video series will explore the many factors that may affect the way each of your negotiations is handled.  Each monthly video will explore the challenges being faced in an ever-changing marketplace; and provide a deeper understanding of the importance of effective negotiation.

Lateral Thinking

Alistair White discusses lateral thinking.


Entrenched Positions

Alistair White explores the dangers of entrenched positions and how a skilled negotiator may deal with such a situation.  How would you take steps to navigate towards an agreement?



Kelly Harborne discusses pre-conditioning.


Procurement Teams

Kevin Lecompte discusses how procurement teams are adopting different negotiation strategies to best perform in today's economic climate.


Internal Negotiation

Graham Ross discusses internal negotiation.



Paul O'Donnell discusses anchoring in negotiation


Planning and Preparation

Graham Stimpson discusses the importance of planning and preparation in negotiation.


Team Negotiation

Fotini Iconomopoulos discusses how to harness the power of the team to become a more effective presence at the negotiation table.



In this month's Nothing but Negotiation video, Steve Gates discusses Deadlock and how it is an ever-present part of the negotiation process.

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Cultural Difference

Wai Lau discusses whether cultural difference has any bearing when negotiating across borders and continents.

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Negotiating Collective Agreements

Graham Botwright discusses the different approaches adopted and challenges faced - as well as the ever-important need to plan.

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Joint Business Planning

Building long-term value through collaborative negotiation, in such a tough economic climate, has never been more important. Thomas Neubauer discusses joint business planning.


The Art of Questioning

In this video, Katherine Edgecombe discusses the art of questioning.



As investment decisions are continually scrutinised, it is perhaps natural that businesses are seeking greater control over the negotiation process in order to minimise the associated risks. The result is the active disempowerment of those teams most able to make an impact on the bottom line. Meg Headley discusses the changes we have seen with how organisations look at roles, accountability and empowerment.


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Trust and Risk

Explore the trust and risk related issues in negotiations. Understand how risk is managed and trust enhanced.

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The Balance of Power

Understanding the true balance of power in negotiation.  How to separate perception from reality.

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