Nothing but negotiation


Our Negotiation Workshops


Our range of negotiation workshops provide effective practical negotiation skills, from basic trading principles and their associated behaviours, through to complex process-based strategic negotiation.

We do not provide negotiation 'courses' - as all of our 'workshops' are highly practical and always based on the needs of the individual - they are much more than that. We deliver sustained behavioural and performance change which can be employed immediately.

Nothing but negotiation.

The Complete Skilled Negotiator

The Complete Skilled Negotiator is an advanced residential workshop to provide you with the most comprehensive experience in negotiation. You will have the opportunity to negotiate your way through a progressive range of case studies designed to motivate, stimulate and stretch; growing knowledge, behaviour, performance and confidence to become The Complete Skilled Negotiator.

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The New Negotiator

The New Negotiator workshop will challenge and support, whilst providing you with a practical experience that will equip you to negotiate effectively within those business relationships you are involved with. This two-day practical workshop is aimed at building competence and confidence in negotiation, practicing both competitive and co-operative forms of negotiation.

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The Strategic Negotiator

The Strategic Negotiator is critical to anyone involved in complex, multi-level negotiation. Cases for each workshop are especially developed to reflect the business environment of those involved. The workshop provides two days of insight into power, process, people and business. The output is a completed strategy based on the attendee's live or pending negotiation.

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The Creative Negotiator

The Creative Negotiator builds upon the foundations laid by The Complete Skilled Negotiator and focuses in much greater depth on the partnership-based styles of negotiation. The workshop examines the behaviour and mindset required to overcome seemingly conflicting positions and craft sustainable agreements that generate value for both parties.

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Who should attend

Because we are negotiation practitioners, we are able to provide solutions relevant to all disciplines: from purchasing / procurement to sales and marketing. In fact, we have a negotiation workshop to best suit all needs, at all levels within your organisation.