Nothing but negotiation


The Complete Skilled Negotiator workshop


This workshop provides the psychology, behaviours and commercial dynamics of negotiation skill across all business disciplines and sectors. It gives your business a competitive advantage - now, and in the long-term and delivers real behavioural shifts with a positive and measurable impact on your bottom line, ten-fold within three months - guaranteed.

Negotiation skills are the basis of all business success.

Every time a contract is signed, a sale secured or a deal agreed, the effectiveness of those behind the negotiation has a major influence on profitability. In fact, there is no other business skill with greater power to help you achieve better results - especially when times are tough.

Why choose The Gap Partnership?

We are obsessed with the art of negotiation. We've studied, dissected, analysed and applied it. Our consultants are, first and foremost, skilled negotiators in their own right, with a deep understanding of business dynamics. They have extensive practical experience in planning and executing deals, and can work as part of your negotiating team.

It is this real-world experience that is transferred to your organisation during The Complete Skilled Negotiator workshop: a comprehensive programme designed to equip you with negotiating skills that deliver life-changing results.

We measure ourselves by the results achieved by our clients, because that's what counts in the real world. It's an approach that has made us the preferred partner for hundreds of industry-leading companies.

Who should attend?

  • General managers
  • All account managers
  • Purchasing professionals
  • HR, logistics, finance, legal and marketing professionals
  • Experienced directors and negotiators

Whether you choose an in-house or open programme, the emphasis on individual coaching limits each workshop to eight delegates. Each residential workshop lasts three and a half intensive 12-hour days.

Is the programme practical or theoretical?

Over 70% of the workshop is devoted to hands-on learning. Attendees conduct negotiations and through the use of video analysis identify the appropriateness of the strategies, tactics and behaviours they use.

Following research with new clients, we will tailor each version of the workshop to meet the needs of your business, using scenarios which reflect your challenges and market dynamics.

Is there any follow-up learning?

After a comprehensive personal feedback session, every person attending the workshop is provided with a personal development report by the negotiation consultant on the workshop, offering feedback on their performances and practical advice on ways to improve future results.

Continual professional development is key to the success of the workshop. All attendees are given access to eGap, our online service which provides a suite of web-based training and evaluations, helping workshop attendees to reinforce and develop their personal skills on an on going basis.

After four to six weeks the negotiation consultant will provide a further coaching session. Three months after the workshop we then provide a one-day follow-up workshop, structured to ensure that skills are firmly embedded and that individual performance is delivering a quantifiable benefit to your business.

For more information, contact us on +44 (0)1442 291900. Or you can  view or download The Complete Skilled Negotiator brochure.