Nothing but negotiation


The New Negotiator workshop


  • Provides all the skills required to negotiate effectively
  • Covers both competitive and co-operative styles of negotiation
  • Each attendee receives extensive video feedback and a development plan

Whatever your role, successful negotiation requires a broad range of skills.

Some managers have limited scope to negotiate and yet the activity of negotiation still remains pivotal to the success of their role. We have designed The New Negotiator to accommodate this and the many challenges associated with trading around agendas.

The New Negotiator workshop has been designed to provide attendees with a repertoire of practical and focused skills to deal with their day-to-day business challenges - whether working within a rigid framework or where there's scope for creativity.

Who can attend the workshop?

Anyone directly or indirectly involved in business negotiations - whether internally or externally.
Each workshop is run by a highly experienced Gap practitioner over an intensive two-day residential period. You can opt for a single company, in-house workshop, or learn on an open workshop basis with attendees from other organisations. There will be a maximum of 12 attendees per workshop.

What will the workshop cover?

The workshop is designed to be challenging yet supportive. You will learn the essential skills to deal with real-life business situations, structured around eight key steps:
•    Exploring
•    Plotting
•    Predicting
•    Positioning
•    Proposing
•    Countering
•    Agreeing
•    Follow-through
The learning framework is split between planning and performing. Success is often down to effective planning - a widely undervalued yet crucial aspect of all negotiations.