Nothing but negotiation


The Strategic Negotiator workshop


•    Equips senior executives with advanced tools to handle complex, multi-level negotiations
•    Content covers nine negotiation strategies that provide a framework for managing all types of situations
•    Improves strategic thinking
•    Develops specific negotiation strategies for your imminent and future negotiations

90% of successful negotiation is down to meticulous planning.
Even skilled, experienced negotiators come up against issues such as frustrated relationships or a breakdown in communication. This is often due to reactive behaviour, rather than adopting and applying a strategic approach.

The Strategic Negotiator workshop is designed to build on advanced skills of negotiation strategy by breaking down the barriers and thinking parameters that can limit the potential of negotiation.

This highly practical workshop covers nine strategies within the context of a model that explores people, process and power at a level for strategic thinkers and operators - with a range of innovative and creative approaches to manage all types of negotiations.

Why choose The Gap Partnership?

In a tough economic climate it's essential to achieve more from less, control the agenda and maintain a pro-active stance. The ability to formulate a strategy appropriate to your circumstance is critical in giving you this advantage.

As practitioners of high profile and successful negotiations, we draw on our long-standing experience to develop our tools and methodology.

The Strategic Negotiator workshop will give you complete insight into power, process and people, with the aim of developing a strategy based on your pending negotiations.

Who is the workshop for?

•    Senior executives
•    Those who have completed The Complete Skilled Negotiator
•    Experienced negotiators with substantial financial accountability
•    Anyone involved in complex strategic, multi-level negotiations across multiple internal and external stakeholders

You can opt for a single company, in-house workshop, or learn on an open workshop basis with attendees from other organisations. There will be a maximum of 12 attendees per workshop and is always residential.

What will the workshop cover?

Each workshop is highly practical and designed to lead to a significant shift in pro-active performance. We help attendees draw on creative and analytical thinking to re-engineer possibilities. We also use advanced tactical planning tools to help identify and track specific variables, build proposals and develop detailed action plans.

We develop cases for each workshop to reflect the actual business environment of those involved. Whether involved in international, product, people, service or commodity-based negotiations we will ensure your experience adds direct value to the way you perform.

To help plan for impending or future negotiations, each attendee is given a personal development plan together with access to a practical online toolkit.

To develop a specific negotiation strategy, attendees can use our strategic suite of tools. This covers a range of components, including:

•    Scope setting
•    Balance of power analysis
•    Potential problem analysis
•    Triggers and responses
•    Contingency planning
•    Stakeholder management
•    Sequencing strategies
•    Action planning

The result?

By the end of the workshop, attendees will understand how power can determine strategic options and those factors that provide power or remove it. They will recognise the characteristics of different types of negotiations and decide on appropriate tactics. They'll also be able to:

•    Use strategic tools to manage risks and negotiations, and analyse the planning, progress and outcomes
•    Use planning processes for constructing multi-level negotiation strategies
•    Work with greater productivity and efficiency in negotiation teams
•    Develop their own strategies for current and future negotiations
•    Identify areas for future personal development


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