Nothing but negotiation


The Creative Negotiator


This workshop focuses on the concept of Value Creation in negotiation and provides delegates with a practical set of techniques, skills and insights which they can apply to their daily negotiations to create more profitable, more robust, more sustainable agreements.

The Complete Skilled and New Negotiator workshops provide breadth by defining the approach to a multitude of potential negotiation scenarios.  The Creative Negotiator delivers depth by focusing on how to create and maintain truly collaborative negotiation relationships. This enables negotiators to reconcile opposing positions without compromising their own interests and create contracts that generate measurable benefit for them and their counterparties.

Who should attend?

The Creative Negotiator uses the skillset acquired on The Complete Skilled Negotiator as a  platform on which to build incremental competence; and for that reason the workshop is exclusively for those who have previously attended The Complete Skilled Negotiator.

The workshop will benefit those who negotiate multi-issue agreements with long-term business partners and are seeking to drive further value from those relationships.

In tough economic times, in mature markets and in long-standing business relationships, creating value is not easy.  If it were, everyone would be doing it.  The Creative Negotiator is for those who can see the potential in their negotiation relationships and are intent on maximising it.


What does the workshop cover?

The Creative Negotiator addresses the challenges faced by negotiators the world over on a daily basis.

  • Managing relationships through conflict
  • Coping with unilateral demands
  • Creating trust in negotiation
  • Broadening negotiation agendas
  • Thinking laterally to create sources of value
  • Negotiating through ambiguity
  • Converting interests into agreements
  • Negotiating future risk and uncertainty
  • Design, structure and sequence of negotiation
  • Negotiating with remote parts of organisations
  • Aligning interests to create common purpose
  • Designing compliance into contracts

To help delegates identify the skills and behaviours needed to cope with these challenges, we have broken the makeup of the Creative Negotiator down into three easily recognisable skillsets:

  • The Diplomat
  • The Architect
  • The Deal Maker

The workshop is an exercise in discovering the combination of skills required to address these challenges and create agreements that are more workable, more sustainable and more valuable.

The result?

Delegates will leave the workshop with the motivation to look at their negotiations from new, previously unconsidered perspectives and the skills, techniques and tools to act upon their insights and create commercial reward.

To help them do this, time is allocated during the workshop for the consultant to facilitate a delegate discussion about how the workshop learnings can be applied to 'live' negotiations.  Delegates are encouraged to record these potential applications as action points for their return to work.

At the end of the workshop, delegates make a commitment to implement changes to the way they plan and conduct their negotiations. A copy of this statement is forwarded to their line manager and / or L&D business partner.   Each of these will receive a coaching manual from The Gap Partnership, outlining how they can best support delegates as they use what they have taken from the workshop in their day-to-day negotiations.